Whether you are young or old, a weekend warrior or a pro-athlete, a couch potato or a fitness fanatic, everyone that trains on the SensoPro enjoys the challenge that it brings.

Initially I was a bit sceptical about the SensoPro. My thoughts were: “What new challenges can it possibly add to the rehabilitation of patients?” I mean, resistance band training and training on a trampoline has been around for quite some time in the world of rehabilitation.

My view changed after using the SensoPro for just one session. For the first time I could see how with one piece of equipment I can take any patient from early stage rehab to end stage rehabilitation.

For the last year I have incorporated the SensoPro into the rehab process for my patients. It is so versatile as I can challenge any patient at any stage of their rehab be it post-operative rehab of hip and knee replacements; shoulder arthroscopies; ankle, femur, pelvis and shoulder fractures or general strengthening of patients with posture related pain.

SensoPro also increases the muscle tone in children with low tonus as well as various neurological disorders such as: dystonia, Parkinsons and stroke patients.

Eliz-marie Vermeulen



I would highly recommend using the Senso Pro in you normal and Rehab sessions.

There are so many Fitness Gadgets and accessories currently on the market that can be very confusing for general public and fitness professionals. I am old school and like the basics and innovative training methods. I currently have a SensoPro apparatus at my gym. The only thing I can say is”Awesome” the nice thing about it, anybody and everybody can use it, from beginner to Pro Athlete and young and old. The versatility of the apparatus is high tech but also very basic and easy to use. I am very impressed and used it everyday since I got it with young, old, injured and Pro athletes, and everybody get the benefit of it, doesn’t matter what level they are. I can only give good comments on the Senso Pro because I use it everyday. The Functionality is amazing especially getting a full body workout using the Apparatus. Even if you come for a knee injury, your core and upper-body will also get the benefit.

Jannie Brooks

Biokineticist, Brooks Gym

The Sensopro unit has made a significant difference in the training and rehabilitation of clients.

The Sensopro is such a versatile unit, I can place almost any and all clients on there. For top-performing athletes it is an easy warm-up, not only does it get their bodies ready for practice but also helps get their attention focused. It is also fantastic following a workout/practice to work on their coordination in a fatigued state.

For my older and post-operative clients, I like the pain-free and safe environment that the Sensopro creates, and within two to three sessions I can see the client’s confidence improve.

Due to the quick improvement in their confidence, they show much faster improvement in their performance. This has made a significant difference in the recovery process.

Jené Louw

Fitness trainer

I firmly believe that Sensopro is a machine that every person needs in their rehab and prehab arsenal.

I struggle with balance and neurological issues on my left side and I could use the Sensopro with ease. It changed my rehab and daily life for the better as you get stimulation that no other machine or exercise can give you. I am an adaptive athlete competing at The Crossfit Games and I can testify that the Sensopro works your muscles more than any crossfit workout could.

I love all the different programs and levels and all the different muscle groups it targets at the same time. I especially love that you can work on coordination alongside building muscle.  It is really a game changer and any person regardless of your age and athletic ability can use the Sensopro.

The therapists at Vital Touch especially know what programs will work for your specific ability and you never feel overwhelmed or unsafe on the machine.

Letchen du Plessis

Patient of Eliz-mari Vermeulen Physiotherapist (Letchen is on her way to the World Crossfit Games)

So let me start by saying that we had the honour and privileged to use the SensorPro device. From the first time we saw it in Stellenbosch we knew that the device would be extremely beneficial to all that used it. When we received the deviceall our Biokineticists were eager to learn how to use it so that we could each put out respective patients and clients on the machine to train their balance stability and co-ordination with precision and control.

All our clients loved the device from the first day. It was easy to use and to teach clients how to use it on their own. Our older patients and clients enjoyed it even more than the athletes as they saw the benefit of being balanced and co-ordinated. The athletes really felt like a work out when they used the more advanced programmes and could not believe such a simple routine could make them focus and work hard at the same time.

The interface and programmes are easy to follow and it can be super fun when working with kids or adults who are kids at heart. I would highly recommend the SensoPro for every client whether they are recovering form injury or just wanting to maintain their balance and co-ordination.

Avinesh Pursad